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Beem It For Small Business

Accept payments from your phone


Instant to your bank account

Through the magic of EFTPOS you get paid instantly straight to your bank account no matter who you bank with.


Free to use

No setup, subscription or transactions fees. You can accept up to $10,000 per month with no setup, subscription or transaction fees from Beem It. Yep, you read that right.

no extra device

No extra device needed

You're ready to go with the phone in your pocket - it's that simple. That's right, no add-ons to worry about.


Bank grade security

Enjoy bank grade security with the benefit of ID verified users, we help protect you from fraud - that's peace of mind.

Helping you grow

We champion small business

Beem It is perfect for a small business that needs an instant way to accept debit card payments at no extra charge. We're for the house cleaners, the dog-sitters, the personal trainers and the market stalls. We're for taking the hassle out of the hustle.

No cash, no problemo

Get paid your way

QR code

Fastest way to pay – your customers scan your code and voila! Money instantly in your bank account.

Great For

👩‍🎨 Market sellers

🌮 Food trucks


Your Beem It @username is a simple way to be found and get paid by anyone, anywhere.

Great For

🎗 Fundraisers

🚲 Classified sellers


Request makes it convenient for your customers to swipe and pay. And with auto reminders we've got your back.

Great For

🧤🐩💇‍♀️ Handymen, cleaners

🛠🏋️‍♂️👶 hairdressers ...

Australian Made

Owned by the names you know

Enjoy peace of mind that we are owned by CBA, Westpac and NAB. Any payment questions, our local customer support team has got your back, no matter who you bank with. 😎

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Get Started

Setup in less than 5 minutes


Create an account

  • • Download the app
  • • Verify your ID
  • • Add your debit card
  • • Set up a @username with your business name


Start receiving money

Your customers can pay you through your @username or by scanning your QR Code. Or if your prefer you can send a request—get paid your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beem It is a great way to accept payments if you're in the business

Babysitting, tutoring, selling at the local markets, selling online, personal trainer—whatever your hustle, Beem It is an easy and instant way to get paid.

What do I need to do to accept payments?+

Beem It is small business ready. All you need is a Beem It account setup with a valid Visa/Mastercard debit card.

Can I create a separate profile for my business?+

In order to set up a second profile, you'll need the following:

  • An Australian mobile number for your business (not the same as your personal Beem It account)
  • A separate bank account for your business with a Visa or MasterCard debit card
  • Set up a new Beem It account, using your name (not your business) for ID verification. We suggest that you pick an appropriate @username for your business. This is how your customers will find you.
  • If you want to change the display name your customers see in their Beem It app, you can do so by editing your profile, and changing the display name.

How do my customers pay?+

All your customers need to do is have the Beem It app, where they can either

  • pay to your @username in the app
  • scan your business QR code that you can easily print out (more on that below)

Once they pay, they can show you their receipt. That's confirmation the money is in your bank account.

How quickly will I receive payments?+

Beem It is instant. When a customer pays you, the money is available in your bank account straight away. Try it out.

How do I reconcile payments?+

Beem It lists all the payments you have accepted, and these payments will show up in your bank account as "BEEMIT.COM.AU". We are working quickly to improve this process for you.

How do I use QR codes?+

If you have a standard set of goods or services, you can create custom QR codes that contain a pre-determined dollar amount and description. You can either share the code with customers or print and use it like a barcode.

How to set up a QR code for a product or service:

  • Make sure you're on the latest version of the app - you can check whether you need to update it by heading to the App or Play store
  • Open the Beem It app and tap the centre icon in the bottom nav
  • Navigate to 'Generate'
  • Select Generate a Custom Code > Get started
  • Enter the amount you would normally charge, followed by a description of the product or service
  • Then ask your customer to scan the code with their Beem It app, or
  • Tap 'Share' to save or print the code

Alternatively, if you would like to accept variable payments from customers, you can generate a printable QR counter display by following these steps:

  • Open the Beem It app and tap the centre icon in the bottom nav
  • Navigate to 'Generate'
  • Select Create a Counter Display > Create Counter Display
  • Enter your business name > Next
  • Accept the Disclaimer that pops up
  • Download and save the file
  • Now you can print or share the code with customers

How would my customers use a QR code?+

Once you have printed your QR code(s), you can ask your customers to scan the QR code with Beem It to easily pay you.

Can I setup my Beem It account on other phones?+

Yes, but you must maintain the security of your devices, PIN and password and never tell your PIN or password to anyone. You may be liable for any loss due to fraud otherwise.

When will you be releasing a version of Beem It that handles more complex business needs?+

We're working to better understand your needs, and evolve Beem It for small business. Help us improve by sending feedback to

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We are always interested to hear on how we can make your Beem It experience better

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